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Fall 2020


Welcome to Typewriter Emergencies, a journal of furry literature. We’re an online publication that plans on publishing twice a year. Our magazine seeks to feature works of furry literature, including, but not limited to: Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, Interviews, Articles, Poetry and more. We are a paying market and our rates can be seen on our submission guidelines page.


What is Furry? There’s not an exact definition to what Furry is. If you ask a few folks, you’ll probably get a few different answers. So, this is what I got. Furry is a term that describes a fandom who celebrates anthropomorphic animals and creatures. Zootopia is probably the easiest and most recent example of this.


So, what does this journal want to do? Well, Typewriter Emergencies started out as an anthology. When it was published there was a hint that it would continue, but a second anthology was never released. The anthology focused on furry literature that was psychologically damaging. It’s a dark book if you get a chance to read it. I wanted to return to short publications, rather than do another anthology. Anthology projects are great, but the frequency of publication (if more are planned for a series) can be far in between. I wanted to work on something that would still provide the fandom with a good literary buzz on a smaller scale. We are an online journal, so there won’t be any print runs of this zine. At the moment there isn’t a theme.


I’ve worked on several journals in the past, and have a few online. If you’re interested in the work Weasel Press has put out in the past, you can visit: Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad OnesDegenerates: Voices for Peace, and The Haunted Traveler.


This project will be slow going. I know of some bumps along the way and we’re preparing for them. Check out our submission guidelines and ask any questions.


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